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Hey everyone :) today I am going to be talking about a couple of ways that you can get closer to God. I also thought that it would be cool if you shared some of your ideas with me of how you get closer to God as well because I would love to hear them!…


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    If you going to say it’s a Bible quote PUT THE REAL QUOTE IN don’t make it up the Bible is a big part in the Christian religion and you can’t go around saying that quotes that you make up are from the Bible 🙄

  2. Posted by mollyannxoxoxo, — Reply

    I get that they are basing your gonna be ok trust me off of psalm 23 because psalm 23 is about how we can trust God but I hate when people change and make quotes like this.

  3. Posted by ryebreadtrc0, — Reply

    𝙹𝙰𝙰𝚈 what’s the harm in pinning this and maybe not know what psalms 23 is? I think for the most part most Christians know what psalms 23 is or John 3:16 or psalms 31. And those who don’t, I think even if only one looked it up the job is getting done. Know what I mean.

  4. Posted by greysky_, — Reply

    This isn’t palm 23...

  5. Posted by karengrimes1433, — Reply

    Nun had me recite this during labor...

  6. Posted by shaylag111, — Reply

    How do you find this in the Bible?

  7. Posted by danielledurman2750, — Reply

    Please make more quotes like this one

  8. Posted by luvlessscorpio, — Reply

    this isn’t in psalm 23 lol but i still love this quote

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